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  • YSG-IASC session, IASC-ARS 2015, Singapore. (from left to right: Elvan, Ci-Ren, Hank, Diego Andrés and Daniel)
  • YSG-IASC session, IASC Satellite Conference 2015 (from left to right: Paulo, Kelly, Anderson, Hsiang-Ling and Yoshikazu)
  • YSG-IASC session, Compstat2014. (from left to right: Hank, Yoshikazu, Kuo-Jung, Andreas, Viktoria)
  • YSG-IASC session, ICMSFM2014. (from left to right: Martin, Chih-Hao, ShengLi, Hank, Fumitake, Hsin-Cheng and Chun-Houh)
  • YSG-IASC session, Compstat2014. (from left to right: Chun-houh, Javier, Andreas, Yoshikazu, Kuo-Jung, Viktoria, Hank)

YSG-IASC Activities


The YSG-IASC aims at gathering young researchers and professionals from all fields of statistical computing, to help support their career development and enjoyment.