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YSG-IASC - How to Join?

Join IASC As A Member First

There are no age restrictions currently to join YSG-IASC. According to the latest policy of IASC/ISI, the person who wants to join YSG-IASC as a member should be already an official member of IASC. (2014/10/13 updated.)


Benefits of Joining YSG-IASC

  • Enjoy the YSG-IASC events.


Registration Fees

  • Join IASC as members: Regular fee: 40E, Less Developed countries: 20E, Students: 20E.
  • The YSG-IASC membership is free to apply once you own an official IASC membership.
  • The YSG-IASC Status is valid up to five years after the registration date.


How to become an YSG-IASC member?

  • You should be an official IASC member. If not, please join IASC as a member. (You will have to pay the registration fee. Remember the IASC membership ID number.) 
  • Then you complete the online Membership Application Form of YSG-IASC and follow the instructions there.
  • After completing the online registration, you will receive an e-mail for reminding you to activate your YSG-IASC website account. After activation you may login to YSG-IASC to edit your profile. Your profile will be shown on the Members Page of YSG-IASC website in one week since registration.
  • Contact Han-Ming Wu <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > if you have any questions and problems.